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With this prompt, the idea is to show a dress on a couch. From there, it can be swapped out using photoshop or another program to be replaced with a different dress or product.

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- The 4Fsh Team


A trendy Instagram ad featuring a colorful, retro-style dress playfully tossed onto a mid-century modern couch. The scene is shot with a Sony Alpha a7 III and a FE 55mm F1.8 ZA lens, drawing attention to the bold colors and fun patterns of the dress. The photograph is taken in the vibrant light of midday, creating a bright, cheerful atmosphere. The style of the photograph is influenced by pop art, with a focus on bold colors and graphic shapes. The image is captured on a high-resolution digital sensor, with camera settings (f/1.8, ISO 100, shutter speed 1/500) selected to ensure a sharp, vivid image with a blurred background. In post-processing, a pop art filter is applied to enhance the colors and add a playful, vintage vibe.