Picture a flyer template for a summer event, set in a lush, green park filled with people enjoying a music festival. The style should evoke the nostalgic charm of vintage Polaroid photos. The lighting should be soft and diffused, as if filtered through the leaves of trees, with a warm, late afternoon glow. The color scheme should feature a mix of vibrant greens, earthy browns, and pops of color from festival decorations. The composition should be captured with a Nikon D850 DSLR, using a 50mm f/1.8 lens for a natural perspective. The camera settings should be set to an aperture of f/5.6, ISO 200, and a shutter speed of 1/200 to capture the lively atmosphere. The image should be post-processed with a slight grain and a warm color tone for a vintage feel. Render this image in photo hyper-realism, highly detailed, and high-resolution 16k.