Health and fitness have always been personal passions of mine. But as much as I love to sweat it out, designing my workout regimen can be a challenge. That's when I had an idea - why not combine my fascination with artificial intelligence with my love for fitness? The result was transforming ChatGPT into my personal calisthenics trainer, and I've never looked back. The purpose of this tutorial is to walk you through my journey of prompt engineering with ChatGPT, offering insights on how you can use this tool to meet your fitness goals too.

Join me in this guide to find out how I used AI to create a personalized training regimen and learn how you can do the same.

Understanding the Prompt

The journey begins with the prompt - a carefully crafted piece of instruction that directs the AI in a desired way. Let's deconstruct the one I used by breaking down the four-paragraph prompt:

"I want you to act like my calisthenics personal trainer. Your goal is to help me optimize building strength to promote a healthier lifestyle. The exercises you'll suggest will factor in my current fitness level, as well as the time between exercises."

In the first part, I'm telling ChatGPT to assume the role of a calisthenics personal trainer. Calisthenics is a specific form of exercise that primarily involves bodyweight workouts. It's ideal for at-home fitness routines and for people who prefer functional strength training.

The second part clarifies the goal for the AI – to help me build strength and promote a healthier lifestyle. This directive informs the AI that the focus should be on strength-building exercises, which may be different from other fitness goals like endurance training or flexibility.

"Currently, my goals are to reach 25% or less body fat percentage. My current body fat percentage is 29.5%. My secondary goal is to get a 6 pack within 6 months. I'm a female, height 5 feet 4.5 inches. I have an hour a day I can dedicate 6 days a week to the exercise. I'm interested in any type of cardio, with my favorite being mid-intensity long duration. I also deadlift 145 pounds and squat 120 pounds."

In this section, I am providing personal information and fitness goals. The AI uses these specifics to personalize the training regimen. The fact that I am a female of a particular height, with certain exercise preferences and time constraints, helps tailor the regimen more accurately.

Also included are my current strength levels (deadlift and squat weights), which provide a benchmark for the AI. This helps it suggest exercises that are challenging enough to build strength, yet doable given my current capabilities.

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